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Complete form to Sell Your Chametz / Mechirat Chametz

Every year before Passover, we remind you to arrange for the sale of your Chametz (leavened foods). Formally, we are bound to remove or destroy all Chametz from our possession before Passover. However, because of the financial and logistical difficulties of such divestment, halacha (Jewish law) created the practice of Mechirat Chametz, the sale of Chametz to a non-Jewish friend.

Essentially, what occurs is that a price is set and a token down payment is made by the buyer. The balance is considered to be a loan. The contract stipulates that the sale must be completed by the day before Passover. After Passover, the buyer “decides” not to pay the balance, and effectively resells the Chametz to the seller.

The sale of Chametz is as critical for the observance of Passover as cleaning our kitchens and purchasing kosher for Passover foods. In addition to filling out this form, we ask that you make a donation for Ma’ot Chittim, a special Passover fund that helps needy Jews observe Passover. We support the work of the New York Board of Rabbis, whose Passover Campaign enables Jews who are institutionalized or in hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, etc. to celebrate the seders properly. Your contribution will be used entirely to provide Passover support for these Jews.

You may also download this form here, to print and return to the Synagogue by mail or by fax to (718) 797-1152.

Chag Kasher V’samei’ach – A happy, Kosher Passover! 

Please note the deadline is strictly set at 6:00am on the morning of Erev Pesach (April 10, 2017), so that the Rabbi may facilitate the Mechirat Chametz transaction.

I hereby authorize Rabbi Sarah Cohen to sell all of the Chametz in my/our household’s possession at the following address(es):

Charitable deductions are allowed to the extent provided by law.
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