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Register for Hebrew School 2017-2018

Dear Parent,

Please complete this registration form no later than May 3 for returning students.  After that there is a $100 late fee. If you have questions, please contact Rabbi Val at or by cell phone 347-262-7727.

As you will see when completing this registration,

  • you can choose to pay the entire cost now by credit card
  • you can mail or bring a check for the entire amount by May 10 
  • you can opt to pay over 7 months in equal installments from June 1 through December 1. If you choose this option, you will receive an ACH form by email from Rabbi Val. Please fill it out immediately and return it by May 30.

Unfortunately if we do not receive either payment in full or your ACH form by May 30, we will have to charge an additional $100 late fee. 

As you enroll your child(ren), please be aware that in addition to the weekday classes for children, we also have youth/family services almost every Shabbat morning at 11:00am and will have four special Celebration Shabbat services and dinners for families in Hebrew School and the wider community. We also have youth services during the High Holidays. These allow you and your child a chance to celebrate, participate and learn in a setting which is geared to stimulate the awe, wonder, energy and questioning of children at their developmental stage. Please take advantage of these services–they will likely deepen your connection to our community and other parents. We have a minimum number of services we expect children to attend over the year. Below are the times of classes and the service requirement:

Class Name Grade
Class Day/s Time Service
Roshanim Pre-K
Tuesday 3:45-5:15pm 8
Gan Kindergarten
Tuesday 3:45-5:45pm 8
Alef 1
Tuesday 3:45-5:45pm 8
Bet 2
Tuesday 3:45-5:45pm 12
Gimmel 3
Monday &
4:00-6:00pm 12
Dalet 4
Monday &
4:00-6:00pm 18
Hey 5
Monday &
4:00-6:00pm 18
Vav 6
Monday &
4:00-6:00pm 18
Miftan 7
Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm 20
Bogrim 8-10
Monday 6:15-7:45pm n/a



















Parent/Guardian 1 Information


Parent/Guardian 2 Information



Child 1

include any special accommodations needed, IEP info, Gifted & Talented, OT help, Sensory Processing Needs, Physical Impairment, etc.
Tuition is listed in the pull-down menus. You will automatically receive a $100 discount for multiple children enrolled. There is a late fee of $100 after May 3.


Do you give permission for your child to be photographed or videographed for use in Hebrew School email updates, printed publicity material or posted on the Kane Street Website without your child's name?

Emergency Contacts

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